Friday, July 5, 2013

Therapy with stem cells for multiple sclerosis

Today the world of technological innovations. Medical science is one of the fields that are an integral part of life. This field also has advanced greatly in recent years. A number of diseases that were considered untreatable treated now in almost all parts of the world. Chronic disease has been cause for concern for those affected by them and their families also. These diseases are said to be incurable. But thanks to advances in medical science, treatable chronic diseases. This miracle happened due to the introduction of the new technique called stem cell therapy.
Diseases that are curable now only because of the introduction of stem cell therapy are as follows.

Replacement of organs as liver and kidney, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, common deficiency, lesions of spinal cord, dental surgery, autism, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis C treatment, depression, anti aging, pain in the joints, lungs, etc., and list of endless diseases can now be treated with the help of this new technique. Multiple sclerosis is a disease now considered cured with the help of this new technology. Let's see how this therapy for multiple sclerosis works and helps people who suffer from this chronic disease in the disturbance.

This process is all about injecting stem cells into the body of the person suffering from diseases. These are the ones which are immature and have the ability to adapt the surroundings and develop into other types of the cells. Once these cells are injected into the body of the person suffering from the disease, they start secreting growth factors. These growth factors attract the blood vessel to facilitate them in producing new cells. These new cells replace the damaged and the sick cells and help the body in fighting against the disease. This is known as the stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis.

This therapy is useful in treating many different chronic diseases and multiple sclerosis is one of those diseases. Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which a person's immune system attacks the nervous system of the person and in the end, the particular person remains wheel chair bound. Until few years back this disease was considered incurable but now with the introduction of this therapy for multiple sclerosis this disease has now a proper treatment. In this process bone marrow of the person suffering from this disease is taken and then this are injected in to it. Then, working of this starts as explained in the above paragraph, enabling the body to cure its disease to a large extent with the help of production of new cells. This is a type of treatment in which a person gets cured form his disease without any kind of surgery.

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