Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Duration of influenza symptoms

Drugs and vaccines to suppress symptoms, badly hitting its immune system. Homeopathy, on the other hand, improves.
Discarded fast food and processed has the same effect. Eat real food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.
Lack of sunlight on the skin prevents the production of vitamin D, a vitamin essential for a healthy immune system.
Sleep deprivation. See the latest movie may seem irresistible, but without adequate sleep, your immune system not working properly.
Spend all day inside the House, watching a computer screen is not the best way to ensure a relaxed mind and body. Regularly being outdoors in nature ensures you can relax and learn to be at peace with oneself.
Always hot and worried about the stress of work, family, relationships, has the effect of lowering the immune system, making it much more likely to succumb to the flu or any other illness. Homeopathic treatment, by a professional, tends to correct the cause of your stress.

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